About Honey Mussels

Shiny Honey Mussels reflecting blue sky.

Hello, sweet, sweet, nutritious Honey Mussels!

Upon tasting a Honey Mussel, you'll wonder "How can this taste so good, and I haven't heard of it?" Then you'll ask for another.

The Honey Mussel has a distinct, sweet-smoky taste, and a texture pleasing to the palate. Immediately the taste is unique and memorable. Although mussels have been a staple seafood for centuries and a modest entrée for the common man, their full potential has been awakened in the Honey Mussel, a relative newcomer to the seafood scene.

mussels in a bowl

Sailor's Seafoods in partnership with Innovative Aquaculture Products developed the Honey Mussels through a selective breeding process. The resulting hybrid is what creates the unique, sweet tasting, succulent mussel. Not only do our Honey Mussels taste good – they're also good for you. Our mussels are rich in protein and low in fat and calories. With an extra boost of Omega 3 fatty acids, selenium, and Vitamin B12, your energy could increase, and your overall wellness could improve.

Why are these nutrients vital?

mussel bullet   Proteins help maintain the function of the cells in your body. Proteins ensure that your cells work together to sustain your overall health.
mussel bullet  Omega 3 Fatty Acidsare a type of fat found in oil rich seafood. These fats help to shield your heart and are thought to decrease some forms of cancers. Rope-cultured mussels have been described as the most sustainable source of Omega-3s.
mussel bullet  Iron is the key to providing your red blood cells that transport oxygen through your body.
Honey Mussel Logo  Selenium plays a strategic role in the human body's antioxidant defense system, which impedes damage to cells and tissue.
Mussel Icon  Zinc aids the processing of carbohydrates, fat, and protein in the food we consume and promotes the healing of wounds.
mussel bullet  B12 Mussels comprise over 9 times the quantity of vitamin B12 than beef and 5 times more than salmon.

Bottom line? It's time to eat more Honey Mussels!

Sailor's Seafoods' Unique Lagoon Site

Sunset over the Lagoon on LasquetiNurtured in a sparkling true lagoon on remote Lasqueti Island, Sailor's Honey Mussels thrive on a constant flow of tidal nutrients to develop into plump, full- flavoured mussels revered by seafood lovers throughout North America. Like oysters, the marine environment of growing mussels produces different flavours of mussel meat. The unique true lagoon provides extraordinary physical conditions with each tidal surge restocking the phytoplankton and zooplankton needed to grow sweet, flavourful Honey Mussels.

Lasqueti Island is in the middle of the Salish Sea, previously called the Strait of Georgia. Sitting north of French Creek (on Vancouver Island) and southwest of Texada Island, Lasqueti is centrally located in the widest flow of the sea. The Salish Sea is one of the roughest waters due to frequent high winds, which makes for awesomely clean and productive shellfish farming waters.

And this is why Sailor's Honey Mussels are the best!

Sailor's Seafoods Map

The lagoon is an enchanting feature on Lasqueti's northwest coast. The still waters of the lagoon are beautifully surrounded by pristine forest.

The 40-acre lagoon is tucked away through a narrow passage that races like the rapids of a river then the tide switches.  Though difficult to navigate for the novice, the tidal flushing provides ideal conditions for Honey Mussels to thrive.