Our Story

Sailor JohnsonOur backyard is the sea, and this is where we grow shellfish – the kind that's good for the people who eat them, good for the people who grow them and good for the place where they are raised.

Sailor's Seafoods is one of three exclusive Honey Mussel producers in British Columbia. Our mission is simple, grow the sweetest most succulent Honey Mussel and have the best possible time doing it. Our business is family owned and family run; we've lived at this lagoon for over 50 years. In order to ensure the freshness of our Honey Mussels we are entirely hands-on from start to finish. We grow and deliver our delicious mussels across one of the roughest sections of the Salish Sea (also called Georgia Strait).

Off Grid Lasqueti Farm SheepIt all started with Sailor's parents in 1949. Sailor's mother and father purchased some acreage and began farming goats, cows and chickens. In 1963, the youngest son of four siblings was born – Sailor. Sailor grew up on the land learning homesteading practices and exploring the pristine coast of the Salish Sea. In time, Sailor acquired skills for the art of farming oysters in a true lagoon hidden amongst acres of old growth forest. Of the four children raised on the land, Sailor was the only one who continued to live on Lasqueti after graduating from high school. He was keen to farm the land and expand his own business into shellfish. In 1984 a girl named Lisa arrived on the scene, and they were married in 1986. Sailor and Lisa have 2 grown boys Brennen (Red Seal Carpenter) and Ronnie (Studying Physics at the University of Victoria)

Float Dock Ship in the Lagoon on Lasqueti

We work hard on our other homesteading and farming endeavors. We have livestock in the form of sheep and chickens. We also have large fruit and nut orchards along with berry production.

Sailor steadily innovated and helped to create new technologies to grow shellfish. In 1999, Sailor, in conjunction with Gordon Jones and Bruce Jones of Innovative Aquaculture Products (a shellfish hatchery on Lasqueti) began selectively breeding Honey Mussels into the fine product that it is today.

Lasqueti Off Grid Barn SheepProducing delicious shellfish with consistent standards for taste, texture, size, and appearance requires a long-term commitment to people and place. Living where you work increases the importance of healthy business practices and healthy communities. Sailor's Seafoods is at the heart of everything we do and where we live and it will always remain so. We hope you love eating our Honey Mussels as much as we love growing them.

Sailor's Seafoods is proud to be a local, family-run company!

Lasqueti Sustainable
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