Honey Mussels are Ethical Seafood Sustainability is conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources.

Mussels require low use of marine resources, have minimal polluting impact, and pose moderate risk of escapes or disease; well-managed farmed mussels are a "Best Choice" seafood offering. Mussels reproduce quickly, have rapid growth rates and can settle and thrive at high numbers. They are also not as vulnerable to parasites and disease organisms as other farmed shellfish. Generally farmed shellfish have a beneficial impact on water quality in the areas they are raised.

In farming mussels, we only remove from the sea what we put in. Mussel farming requires clean water, and this makes them a wonderful monitor of the sea's vigor and welfare. Mussels are an Eco Friendly Seafood Choice Mussels have the added value of removing carbon dioxide from the sea for shell formation. Our Canadian Shellfish Sanitation Program ensures that our waters are tested regularly to ensure the coastal waters are clean and the mussels are free of any toxins.

Mussel farming is endorsed by environmental and seafood-monitoring groups such as Ocean Wise, The Audubon Society, Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch and Sea Choice.

In Balance with our Ecological Neighbours

To ensure that our local wildlife stays out of harm's way we do not use predator netting on our farm. Instead we have developed a technique which allows the mussels to grow large and dense enough to protect themselves from the local pack of hungry ducks. musselbasketWe also use non-toxic materials such as vegetable based oils and cotton socking to reduce any possible impacts.

We work hard on our other homesteading and farming endeavors. We have livestock in the form of sheep and chickens. We also have large fruit and nut orchards along with berry production.

Environmentally responsible shellfish harvesting ship When you live where you work for over 50 years, a deep connection with the surrounding environment grows. Over our first cup of coffee in the morning we look out our windows and view the rafts with all our healthy Honey Mussels hanging on below. We watch the eagles, herons, sea ducks, otters and seals that visit our lagoon; they nest in surrounding trees and frolick between our rafts. We know that in order to keep creating the extraordinarily flavored, succulent Honey Mussel we need to ensure this ecosystem remains healthy. We do this by using sustainable growing methods.