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Honey Mussels in sea water reflecting the sky

Upon tasting a Honey Mussel, you'll wonder, "How can this taste so good, and I haven't heard of it?" Then you'll ask for another.

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Nurtured in a sparkling true lagoon on remote Lasqueti Island, Sailor's Honey Mussels thrive on a constant flow of tidal nutrients to develop into plump, full- flavored mussels revered by seafood lovers throughout North America.

Sailor and Lisa Johnson of Sailor's Seafoods Why We've Chosen to Raise Honey Mussels
Our backyard is the sea, and this is where we grow shellfish the kind that's good for the people who eat them, good for the people who grow them and good for the place where they are raised. Sailor's Seafoods is one of three exclusive Honey Mussel producers in British Columbia. Our mission is simple, grow the sweetest most succulent Honey Mussel and have the best possible time doing it. Read more . . .

Lasqueti Honey Mussels Why Our Honey Mussels are the Best
The Honey Mussel has a distinct, sweet-smoky taste, and a texture pleasing to the palate. Immediately the taste is unique and memorable. Although mussels have been a staple seafood for centuries and a modest entrée for the common man, their full potential has been awakened in the Honey Mussel, a relative newcomer to the seafood scene. Read more . . .

Mussels are a sustainable seafood Why Honey Mussels are the Most Sustainable Food to Eat
Mussels require low use of marine resources, have minimal polluting impact, and pose moderate risk of escape or disease; well managed, farmed mussels are a "Best Choice" seafood offering by Mussels reproduce quickly, have rapid growth rates and can settle and thrive at high numbers. Read more . . .

Honey Mussel Recipes Honey Mussel Recipes

Thai Steamed Honey Mussels
Fragrant coconut milk and spicy red curry give these Honey Mussels a Thai twist that's sure spice up your life.

Drunken Honey Mussels
The best quality mussels and the best quality wine pair up together in this lively, traditional mussel recipe.